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personalized gifts for him Add a Touch of Sparkle to your Kitchen funny cushion covers
Updated: 2019-09-28 15:44

In this, our penultimate post on adding a touch of sparkle to your home, we take a look at kitchens and suggest ways you can turn a dull and boringly bland kitchen into a functional and practical kitchen with a touch of design flair and sparkle! Mixing dark with light will add a sparkle to your kitchen so opt for colour contrasts to get the look.

Floors: Tilespersonalized gifts for him, wood or lino, whichever type of flooring you choose for your kitchen you should think along the lines of hygiene and easy maintenance. You can add a touch of sparkle to your kitchen floor by using tiles which have been highly polished and have tiny particles of natural sparkle which is typically found in granite. There are also floor tiles available which have crushed quartz and tiny pieces of glass set into resin which glitter and sparkle beautifully,making them the ideal flooring choice for adding a touch of sparkle to your kitchen.

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Walls: Kitchen walls have to be easy to maintain, therefore tiles or washable paint is the usual choices. Add sparkle by using splash-back tiles which match your flooring for a chic and enchantingly sparkly look.

Windows: Polished glass sparkles and therefore your kitchen windows need to be kept spotlessly clean! Your window blinds could be made from fabrics which have a shimmer or satin finish to add to the overall sparkly look. Look for curtain fabrics online or curtains uk to choose colours and designs to match the style of your kitchen.

Lighting: Sunken spotlights will emit a sparkle as well as being used to highlight specific areas of your kitchen. Look for halogen styles as they omit plenty of light without being too large. If you have a eating area or central island in your kitchen go glam and hang a modern chandelier over it!

Accessories: Worktops with quartz and glass particles will shine and glint as the sun or artificial light hits it. Highly polished granite will give the same wonderful effects and create a sparkling and shimmering work surface on which you prepare your meals. Reflective surfaces will also add a touch of sparkle to your kitchen, polished stainless steel appliances or glass containers would be ideal and a more cost effective option, just remember to keep them spotlessly clean at all times!

Stainless steel dinnerware is kind of a big deal right now. It's used in kitchens all over the place from restaurants to dining rooms to the innobaby Din Din SMART Sets - but why?

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