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personalized gifts for him Altered Paint Brush Holder with Canvas Corp using Tattered Angels personalised birthday gifts
Updated: 2019-09-12 05:34

Welcome back to our…;. month long Matchup with StencilGirl Products.

…;…;.let’;s ink up a paint brush holder!

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Paint brush holder all rolled up with lots of shimmery Glimmer Mist

Karen Bearse here today with a totally over the top paint brush holder project. I hope you follow my steps &; make one for yourself cause it is so worth the effort! I am thrilled to be apart of this match up as I love both companies products! Canvas Home Basics have lots of awesome canvas products that allow for personalizing. The paint brush holder is just one such product. I had so much fun letting lose &; letting paint &; mists fly!?? The combination of StencilGirl stencils, Tattered Angel Mists along with 7Gypsies accents are a match made in heaven. The result is a super colorful, artsy, keepsake that is also a great place to hold my paint brushes! This project is not complicatedpersonalized gifts for him, just takes a little time &; lots of inking so I hope you take the plunge and design one using your own style, color palette &; these simple steps!

The transformed inside of the paint brush holder, love that luscious color!

Materials Used:


A glittery rainbow of color.

I started by painting the brush pockets using many different colors of Glimmer Glam. One thing I learned is if you paint side by side pockets while the paint is still wet they bleed into each other so paint every second pocket &; once those are dry go back and paint the others. If you don’t have enough colors simply spritz Glimmer Mist on a craft sheet &; use as a paint. You can then cover this in Chandelier Glam to get the glitter. I chose to use every color in the box but you may chose colors that better represent you so don’t worry about not having enough colors. All of these steps can be sped up by drying with a heat gun but I find the colors on the canvas are richer if allowed to dry naturally.

Time to color in some images, love that canvas globe.

While that was drying I painted some of my Mixed Origins pieces. A great way to do this is spritz Glimmer Mist on your craft sheet &; use a paint brush to apply. The canvas pieces from the mix &; match pads are wonderful to use. I simply cut them out leaving lots of canvas around the edges. Paint with Glimmer Glam, let dry &; sew around the edges &; then cut out properly.

Have you tried Tattered Angels Paint Systems?

Have you ever tried using the using the Tattered Angels paint system kits? They are sets of 4 paint products that allow you to easily create a specific look &; include step by step instructions. I used the Precious Stone kit because I thought it also looked like worn wood. After practicing on a piece of paper I was ready to go. Using the Canvas Corp paint brushes (from the paper Brushes on Ivory) covering the top part of the brushes with paper to protect them from splatter. Following the step by step instructions made wonderful worn handles for the brushes. The brush part was then painted with different colored mists. It is worth the effort &; also really fun. Set these pieces aside to dry. Once thoroughly dry cut them out.

There is no such thing as too much color.

Now the paint on the pockets was dry so I worked on the top portion, covering the pockets to protect them from getting splattered. I simply spritzed with various Glimmer Mist. You can use a paint brush to help blend the colors in but I found letting the mists blend naturally worked best. Let dry completely. Flip over &; spritz the back side with various mists as well. Be careful not to get paint splatter on the completed side.

Time to add colorful images using paint with Seth Apter by Stencil Girl.

Seth Apter StencilGirl stencils are wonderfully geometric with lots of little shapes, words &; images thrown in.?Using a cosmetic foam piece &; acrylic paint stencil images all over the canvas. The trick is to use very little paint on the foam. Put paint on a palette &; dab paint off the sponge so there is a thin layer than pounce up &; down pressing foam lightly into the stencil. To get a crisp image do not brush paint back &; forth, but rather pounce up &; down. To make the image darker pounce multiple layers. I used darker color paint in the lighter areas &; lighter colored paint in the darker areas to get a good image.

How do you get the stencil image so crisp?

Let’s adhere the pieces! Adding card stock to canvas doesn’;t really make sense but I have a secret weapon that changes the feeling of the paper. By using Ranger multi-medium in matt as the glue it makes the paper have an almost rubber feel to it. Bonus it is water proof. Although I wouldn’t throw it in wash!

Assembly is the best part.

Adhere the multi-medium with a paint brush, painting a layer of glue on both the canvas &; the back of the paper piece. Press down firmly with fingers or a brayer so paper lays down flat. Paint another layer of glue on top of the paper. Let dry naturally. Adhere brushes to pockets using the same method.

Painting Petaloo flowers with Glimmer Glam

As a final touch I took some DIY flowers &; painted them with Glimmer Glam and adhered them using glossy accents glue inside a Burlap Flower. Adhere this flower by sewing or using hot glue to the outside of the holder.

Backside of the paint brush holder, gotta love all those images.

Here is the completed outside of my brush holder. I did go completely overboard on this project but isn’;t it fun to do that sometimes? I treated this more as something for me with my style &; I seriously love it!

Close ups –; love these images, eye candy!

Here are some close ups. If you decided to make this project you now have a beautiful project that represents your art!!! You can use this technique on other Canvas Home Basic pieces like the pencil case, a bag, or an art journal cover. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial &; create a piece for yourself. Come visit me at karenbearse.blogspot.com for more art tutorials!

Levy Gorvy

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