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personalized gifts for him DIY Botanical Coasters custom anniversary gifts
Updated: 2020-01-17 18:00

I have been wanting to make these DIY Botanical Coasters for a long time!?

I already had the?tiles a friend gave me, along with botanicals found on The Graphics Fairy, I couldn’;t stop thinking about them! See my latest Shibori Tie-dye inspired DIY Drink Coasters.?

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The funny thing is…;.. We don’;t really even use coasters in our home. Well that’;s not entirely true…;. I have one on my desk and one on my bedside table. But other than that…;.. nope, we don’;t use them.

Before you imagine my tables with water rings all over them, you’;ll be happy to know, we have an old trunk in our family room where our drinks end up. It doesn’;t need a coaster.

That being saidpersonalized gifts for him, I can’;t explain?my?obsession with making coasters, maybe because they’;re so easy! And they make great gifts. Remember my Plaid Coasters? Or my Holiday Coasters?

To find the perfect botanical images, I headed to my favorite image site, The Graphics Fairy. I knew I’;d find something there and I did! I was so excited to get started on this project that had been swimming around in my head for weeks, but quickly realized I needed a new ink cartridge in my printer. DARN IT! ?We had been planning on getting a new printer and I was dragging my feet on?buy new cartridges. Those things can be so spendy and I just didn’;t want to commit to my old?printer for one more round.

As luck with have it, I opened my inbox and saw an email from Epson, asking if I would like to review their Epson Expression Home XP-430. What timing! Of course I would and they put it in the mail that day! When it arrived a couple of days later, I was worried it would be hard to set up since it’;s wireless. Boy was I wrong. It was probably one of the easiest printers I have ever set up. It was ready to print within 10 min after taking it out of the box! Gotta love that!

Ultra-Compact, Wireless, Epson Expression Home XP-430 Delivers Affordable and Convenient Small-in-One Capabilities with Seamless Printing from Facebook, Instagram and more!?

I had my botanicals printed that afternoon and was ready to get started on my project!

I love them! Aside from a few visible brush marks, I’;d say they’;re perfect!?

I think I’;m going to actually use my DIY Botanical Coasters?outside on the patio, so I’;ll give them one more coat of Outdoor Mod Podge. These would also make a great diy gift idea! So simple and inexpensive.

Need a craft idea for kids? Print out their art work and decoupage to a tile! So many great ideas!?

Epson Expression Home XP-430 –; My thoughts

If you’;re looking for a printer at a good price point for under $100. This is a great printer! You can buy one for $69!??For everything it does, that’;s an amazing price!

I love how compact it is and that it doesn’;t need a connection to scan or print. I took my printer to my aunts home, over an hour away to scan several photos of my late mother. My aunt wanted me to scan them, but wasn’;t able to let them out of her site, so that’;s when I realized I could just bring my printer. I scanned all the photos onto a camera card and couldn’;t believe how easy. When I got home, I thought I would have to set my printer up all over again. All I did was plug in it and it worked! So for the tech challenged, this is your printer!

It’;s easy because it features Wi-Fi Certified? and Wi-Fi Direct? for printing without a router or wireless connection and comes equipped with Epsom Connect??to print and scan from a tablet, smartphone or computer from virtually anywhere in the world! ?I’;m excited that I can print directly FROM my iphone!

INSTAGRAM –; I haven’;t tried it yet, but I’;m excited to try?the Epson Creative Print App with my instagram photos. I can create and print collages directly from a smart phone or tablet in a variety of sizes and templates!

This post contains affiliate links. This cost you nothing extra. The printer was sent to me for a review. All thoughts and opinions shared are 100% mine.?

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