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Updated: 2020-03-09 07:53

I’;ve been stitching up a storm the last few months and I’;m excited to finally have the time to share some finished projects with you! I was able to do a little bit of selfish sewing last week and made up a couple of Padded Storage Bins with some new fabric that I picked up at Quilt Market.

I joke that I never make the same project twice. ?I don’;t seem to have the patience for it. ?However every once in a while I end up making lots and lots of the same project, my retro travel bag is one of those projects, I think I’;m up to almost 10 bags sewn. ?After stitching up 8 of these Padded Storage Bins I think that this may also be one of those projects that I make over and over again, they are just so dang useful!

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I like to keep a bit of needlepoint with me in the car during the summer. I’;m always driving to somewherepersonalized gifts for him, or waiting for a kid to finish something and it’;s nice to have a bit of hand work to keep me busy while I’;m on the road. Up until?now the needlepoint supplies have just been in a?ziploc bag, I decided a few weeks ago to remedy the situation, and?I stitched up a storage bin just for?them.

I used a bit of the new Cotton Steel fabric that I picked up at Market (it’;s coming out in July for those of you that are interested). I’;ve been sewing with Wonderland so much the last few months and I thought I should branch out a bit and sew with some other fabric.

I also stitched up a second bin using some Anna Maria Horner canvas. I picked it up at Craft South a couple of summers ago and have been dying to use it ever since. This bin is a gift for a friend that did a tremendous favor for me. ?She’;s a seamstress and thought that she could make good use of a bin.

The bins are from my Padded Storage Bins pattern, which I’;m happy to announce is now ALSO in PAPER FORM! When I made the bins I actually opened up a pattern and used it, it was such a relief to have the instructions written out for me, usually I’;m just trying to remember how to make something from all of the post it notes all over my?sewing table.

The patterns arrived just before market and I’;m so happy with how they turned out.?If you have a store you can get them from Checker Distributors or Christensen Wholesale (Riley Blake). ?If you’;d like to do a wholesale order directly with me you can just email me at polkadotchairblog [at] gmail [dot] com and I’;ll get the information out to you.

The patterns have full color covers and the instructions are in black and white on the inside. I keep the photographs in the instructions instead of changing them to illustrations. I get so many people that tell me that a photograph is easier to follow than a diagram, and wanted to make sure to keep the printed patterns with photos.

Each of the?bag patterns includes an oversized pattern sheet. All the pieces are 100% so there is no need to resize anything! Just trace and go!

You can get printed patterns of my Derby Tote, Ruby Lou Bag, Dad’;s Bow Ties, Padded Storage Bins, &; June Bag Patterns. ?I’;m going to do a second run of printed patterns this summer including a few new quilts and bags.

Right now I’;m debating selling individual printed patterns, I’;m not sure if there is a demand online for them. I’;ll let you know if I decide to, right now you can pick all of them up in PDF format in my PATTERN SHOP!

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