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personalized gifts for him Decal-orate! The ultimate use of Wall Decals funny cushion covers
Updated: 2019-11-29 07:04

STEP AWAY FROM THE STENCILS. put down that bristle brush.and relax! It doesn’t have to be like this anymore. No longer will you have to hide behind the sofa with shame as visitors cock their heads to try and untangle the mysteries of the blotted, smudged, uneven shapes adorning your walls. There are now Wall Decals!

Often receiving an unfair reputation as dubious wall stickers, this innovative new product, when used in the correct way can enhance every room of the house. They are adhesive vinyl shapes that can be attached to walls, floors, ceilings, doorspersonalized gifts for him, glass surfaces and even furniture.and just as easily removed. They are the clever and neater alternative to stencilling, a friend to all those who lack the painting skills of Van Gogh, and a dream come true for people who change their minds alot.

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The variety of shapes, patterns, colours and styles they are available in is a vast as it is varied. Not to mention a tiny selection could include floral, spots, graphic prints, paint splats, frames, clouds, and object silhouettes. Plus, if you are unable to find precisely what you are looking for in this huge selection there are numerous companies who are only too happy to design them to your personal specifications. They can be bold and bright, or subtle and calming depending on what atmosphere you are looking to create. Words, mottos, and whimsical sayings are available, I’m not saying ‘Bill loves Brenda’ over everyone’s beds would look great, especially if they’re not your names, but the option is there.

So, using them effectively? Imagine if you will scenario 1. You have purchased that one key object, that beautiful table lamps for instance, the focal point that is going to dictate the entire scheme of your room. Only problem is coordinating wallpaper, or wall art, or colours seem impossible to find. With the versatility of the Wall Decal you are able to pick out or even design your own patterns and shapes that can be added to the perfect base colour wall and really compliment that table lamp.

Wall Decals are ideal in children’s rooms. Whether your little one is space mad and would enjoy nothing more than being surrounded by planets, stars and rockets! Or floating in their princess castle in the sky surrounded by clouds – both looks can be simply achieved by choosing a suitable base wall colour and adding the details where you want them. The beauty in this is that children can really be involved helping decide what they want and where, plus when their interests change the rocket Wall Decals can simply be peeled off .making room for tigers or cars?!

In times of financial strain which we are currently experiencing Wall Decals are a cheap option in really altering the appearance of a room. Whether used to create the illusion of certain architectural details your room may be lacking such as moulding around the ceilings, or panels on doors you just can’t afford to replace. They can be used on large empty wall spaces as an alternative to an art piece, or used on a framed piece of cardboard to create your very own original art piece. Customizing clear plastic shower curtains to match the bathroom theme is possible as they are completely water proof, you can even have them in your shower. They are perfect option for those renting properties, to jazz up the dingy walls you are not aloud to paint, and remove them when you leave. So go on, pick one and stick one!

With summer here, we are in full “Spruce Up” mode and have started a few Easy Backyard Projects. I still haven’t set up our Outdoor Room under our deck?with our drop cloth curtains, but I’ll hopefully get to it soon.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Kohler. All opinions are 100% mine.

Hey friends! If you read my blog regularly or have taken my “real-life” house tour on Instagram, you know I'm pretty tidy and clean. And some of you would say that's an understatement. But y'all, there are plenty areas of my house that are a hot mess (at least by my standards). While I'm VERY happy to have a linen closet for storing towels, sheets, medications, batteries, etc., it's soooo disorganized at this point that it's a source of regular annoyance for all of us.