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personalized gifts for him Give Mom What She Really Wants For Mother’s Day – More Sleep sofa pillow covers
Updated: 2019-09-18 08:57

Finding the perfect gift for mom for Mother’s Day can be a huge challenge. How do you find a gift that says, “I know I’ve been a huge pain at times, and you’ve sacrificed so much for me, and now here’s something really special.”

So, what gift do you give mom for Mother’s Day?

accent pillow case baby canvas decorative

A card? A carefully chosen card is great – if it’s accompanied with a gift.

Flowers? OK, we are getting better.

A plaster imprint of your hand? Hey! That’s a great idea! …If you are 6 years old.

Oven mitts? I can’t tell, is mom crying because she’s so happy or disappointed? It’s so tough to tell these days.

Mom – her eyes are a little bloodshot. Hair is a bit frazzled. Smile has become fragile. You know what she wants needs? She’s tired. Very tired. She needs sleep.

Give mom the gift she will absolutely love. Give the gift of incredible sleep.

There will be no question in mom’s mind how much you appreciate her when you surprise her with a present from Purple this year for Mother’s Day.

Here are actual reviews (spelling errors and all) from real Purple customers who knocked it out of the park and got mom something that she totally loves – Purple mattresses, Purple Seat Cushionspersonalized gifts for him, and Purple Pillows.


“;My 79-year-old mother purchased this mattress after tons of research to find the best mattress for her needs. She has been sleeping on Purple for two weeks now. After waking up for years with a backache when trying to get out of bed, she is pain-free. She has always had to get up before she really wanted to because her back was hurting. Now she doesn’;t want to get out of bed. She also has a bad hip which caused her pain to lay on and now she is able to lay on it with no pain. She wakes up less at night and doesn’;t toss and turn because of pain. She said it is the best mattress she has ever had!“;[sic]

– Nancy S.

?????“;We purchased this cushion for my mother-in-law, immediately upon her return home from rehab after she had hip replacement surgery. She has said it made a huge difference in her comfort level while recovering. She has even taken it to church, and said there was no way she could begin attending church so soon after her surgery if she didn’;t have this cushion to sit on. Thanks Purple!”;?[sic]– Sandy W.

?????“;My mother is 82, she fell last march and had a hip replacement. We looked and looked for a cushion that would relieve her pain when she sits. I saw the purple yeti comercial (loved it) on youtube and went to you website. She loves it and can sit for without pain and that means all the world to her and me! Love it would buy it again and I tell all my friends.”;?[sic]– Smith A.

?????“;I bought this as a gift for my 87 year old mother. She has a 45 degree angle in her spine. She loves this mattress.. She can now even turn over in bed and not have pain. She is amazed by how well she sleeps.”;?[sic]

– Susan D..

?????“;I bought the cushion pillow for my 89 year old mother. She is very happy with the comfort level. She hasn’t complained once.”;– Rod B.

?????“;I gave the cushion to my 93 year old Mother for Christmas and she really loves it and threw her old ones out the next day.”;?[sic]–? Jill S.

?????“;I have now purchased two of the Simply cushions for myself (Office / Home and Auto) and one for my elderly mother.. We love them!!! We both experience hip and leg pain (mine due to a back injury), and it gets worse when we sit. So even though we were skeptical at first it was firm and didn’;t seem to give very much), found the Simply cushion to be amazing at extending the amount of time we can set without pain! Other Christians seem soft at first but simply flatten. This cushion really does its job. Love it! It’;s a life-changer!”;?[sic]–? Marianne W.

?????“;My mom sometimes spends 16 hours straight drawing a house or building that’;s due asap, and had complained about how sore her **** got when doing so. I bought her this for her birthday, and the first day with the cushion on her office chair she was amazed how much better it felt. She’;s thanked me a couple times in the last few weeks. The only quibble I had was the shipping –; free shipping is fantastic, but I didn’;t realize how long it would take, so I ordered it too close to her birthday and had to give it to her several days late. ”;?[sic]– Vanessa H.

?????“;As a mom of four sleep is vital and hard to come by so having a good mattress is so important…;purple mattress has been awesome and I have finally gotten some great sleep!”;?[sic]– Lacey C

?????“;This mattress has been such a blessing! I am almost 37wks pregnant with our sixth child and I have not had any trouble sleeping so far. I’;m not even using any pillows like what I had to with my other pregnancies. On a regular mattress I had to use multiple pillows due to severe hip pain. So thankful to be getting my rest this time around! I waited to post this review until the end just to see how it would work for me. Not disappointed at all. Totally recommend it!”;?[sic]–? Charity

?????“;I have had this bed for 2 months No more shoulder or hip pain. I love it. So much love that I got my mom a purple. At 73 it is easy to get in and out and she loves that it’;s so comfortable. Just received my pillow 2 days ago. With a little adjustment no more neck pain. I look forward to going to bed each night since I feel great every morning. By the way, my chiropractor recommended the bed. He and 2 fellow doctors own purple beds. Just sayin …;”;?[sic]– Brenda S.

?????“;I bought this pillow for my mom because she’d been pretty desperately searching for a comfortable pillow the last couple of months. I showed her the purple pillow because I thought it could be a solution to her problem and if not we at least had a hundred days to try it out. So I bought it for Christmas for her and she loved it! She’s been sleeping super well now and my dad says she doesn’t even snore anymore so 10/10! I would totally buy another pillow for myself or other family members and absolutely recommend it”;?[sic]– Michelle U.

?????“;Our son did some research (He’s 11) and recommended that we buy a purple pillow for a more peaceful sleep. He ended up “buying” the pillow for his mom for Christmas and she loved it. He also did some research on the purple bed, so we did some research on our own. Well we ended up buying the king size purple bed and platform, the purple bed came with free sheets. We got the bed, platform and sheets within about a week. Well we were super excited to put it together and use it but when it got here the purple platform had a broken part and 2 of the 8 screw holes would not align. Although it wasn’t perfect it felt plenty sturdy enough to hold the bed. We put the bed on it and when my wife tried to put the stretchy sheets on a corner of the sheets tore. All in all our immediate experience was a let down. Fast forward to our first nights sleep in the bed and WOW!!!!! My wife and I don’t usually sleep through the night and we wake up sore and exhausted. The first morning we woke up after sleeping in the purple bed we were very happy, well rested and no aches and pains to speak of. After talking about how happy we were with the bed as a whole we didn’t want to bother the purple people with or complaint about the damaged items but the consumer in me decided to let them know in an email rather than blasting it on social media. To my surprise my email was answered in about an hour and I was told that our damaged items would be replaced and an order had already been filled for the items. I am overwhelmed with the level of awesome customer service and concern for the staff at this company. Thank you so much for the awesome product and amazing customer service!”;?[sic]

– Shannon P.

?????“;I bought my mom the pillow for Christmas, and she loves it! Then I bought my aunt one too, and she loves it as well! She says it keeps her face cool while she’;s sleeping. I’;ll eventually get myself one, but I’;m saving up to get the mattress first.”;?[sic]– Cristopher Y.

?????“;Moms new cushion brings luxury to sitting. And places associated with sitting, easy rocket science.”;?[sic]– Kurt O.

?????“;I love watching YouTube and saw an advertisement for purple. I was convinced that the next mattress I purchased would be purple. I just recently moved out of my old place and finally had my opportunity. I purchased the king mattress and had my mom and daughters try it. They fell in love with it. My daughters next birthday present request is a purple mattress. She will get it. Thanks purple, for an amazing product.”;?[sic]– Flavio C.

?????“;This cushion was a gift for my mom this Christmas, who suffers from pain in the office and car as she sits. I admit I tried it before wrapping it for her, and I adored the product! I can’;t wait to get one myself: being a lumbar pain sufferer I plan to get the lumbar cushion and the actual pillow sooner than later. ”;?[sic]– Suzy M.

?????“;Bought one for my mom and brother for Christmas because they sit at a desk all day for work and now they don’t want to sit in a chair without it! Absolutely love it!”;?[sic]– Rachel P.

?????“;I bought this for my mom because she has chronic neck and back pain. She loves it! We didn’t buy the stand but instead threw it on her current box spring. It’s great!”;?[sic]– Catie M.

?????“;This was an amazing gift for my mom. My sister bought me a purple pillow for my birthday. My mom would steal my pillow after I left for work just to use the purple pillow! Decided to get her this and she absolutely loves it!”;?[sic]– Catherine D.

?????“;My mom is sitting on an electric scooter all day, which do not have very comfy seats! I had bought the Purple cushion for her and had been waiting for the right time to introduce it to get the most positive response. She had a Dr appt the other day &; she was told she needed to sit in the recliner a few hours a day. That meant she would be immobile and not able to get anything done. That was a perfect opening to introduce the Purple seat cushion! She’;s been using ever since and has helped in speeding up healing her irritations on her bottom. Thank you Purple! ”;?[sic]– Catherine E.

?????“;The seat cushion I ordered was given as a gift to my mom. She loves it! There was an error with shipping, but Purple immediately resolved it in a manner I found went above and beyond. Excellent product, excellent customer service..”;?[sic]

– Erin L.

?????“;Got this for my mom and she loves it!”;?[sic]– Elizabeth C.

?????“;I bought this for my mothers wheelchair cushion and she love it”;?[sic]– James C.

?????“;The purple cushion has done wonders for my back. It’;s done so well, in fact, that I bought on for my 75 year old mom, who has problems with her hips. She said it has been a great help to her.”;?[sic]– Corey C.

?????“;I bought this cushion for my Mother who is 75 y/o and weighs 86 lb. she is still active but has no padding when she sits down. She loves it!!!!”;?[sic]– Deborah W.

“;We bought a purple Seat cushion for my mother-in-law. She has done nothing but praise this product. Thank you for a great product.”;?[sic]– Kenneth C.

“;The week before I bought my purple pillow, I woke up 3 mornings in one week with neck pain. I was fed up with a lifeless pillow! I immediately ordered the purple pillow and was so excited when it arrived. I’ve been sleeping on the purple pillow for about a month now and I am neck pain free!! My mother even tried it out for a nap and she instantly fell in love! So she’s getting a surprise on Christmas morning!!”;?[sic]–? Tiffany W.

“;This was an amazing gift for my mom. My sister bought me a purple pillow for my birthday. My mom would steal my pillow after I left for work just to use the purple pillow! Decided to get her this and she absolutely loves it!”;?[sic]–? Catherine D.

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