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Updated: 2019-12-02 04:48

Even the most relaxed and uninterested home owners have a design style. From the way we organise (or don’t) our bookshelves to what we put on our mantle piece all illustrates and portrays your personality, taste and style. Some of us prefer an eclectic, random home and others prefer a more refined and ordered look. When looking to assess, find out or describe our style however, as these decisions are often unconsidered and organic, it can be difficult for us to look retrospectively at ourselves and our homes. This however is important as knowing your style will avoid costly mistakes and ensure your home is reflective of you as opposed to the latest magazine trends. To try and help you understand and identify your style this article asks some basic yet key questions about your home:

1.? What Do You Have That Is Pretty Not Practical?

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Similar to women with shoes there is likely to be some elements within your home that have no practical use yet have remained a part of your home for many years because you simply like them or have an emotional attachment with them. This may include an old grandfather clockpersonalized gifts for him, a photograph, ornament, rug or clock that is tatty, broken or worn. These pieces are a key insight in to what you really like whether it is their shapes, textures, colours, meaning or story. Be sure to put these at the forefront of your mind when choosing a design scheme in the future.

2.? What common elements are there within your home?

Even if not intentional in most homes there will be a repetitive approach to how you decorate and furnish your room. Do you have patterned wallpaper in your living room, bedroom and hall? Is there a montage of picture frames above your bed, down the stairs and in the study? Are all your sofas dressed with three equally spaced and coordinating cushions or are they a random collection casually thrown on? Have you used oak furniture in every bedroom? If you realise a regular occurrence of similar designs, colours, pattern or objects these are a key indication of your style and taste.

3.? Where do you shop for style?

As with all purchases you tend to buy items from places you admire and are inspired by. Modern minimalists are attracted by the likes of Habitat and Natuzzi whereas traditionalists lean more towards Laura Ashley and The Sofa Workshop. Take one of your rooms and recall the shops you bought each item from. It is likely you will find a consistency with a handful of shops or brands regularly occurring in your home.

4.? Where are your favourite places?

?Whether it is your snug, a hotel, lakeside spot, restaurant or a tropical beach; where you most enjoy being and living makes a huge impact on your interior design style. It is likely that your home is an indicator of your favourite experiences and places. Those who love the outdoors tend to have a more rustic and relaxed home and those who love to travel often have a busy and eclectic home full of finds from their adventures. Don’t be shy to express these tastes and experiences within your home as this helps stamp your own identity.

These simple, and to many meaningless, questions will cumulatively truly help you to identify why and how you decorate your home in the way you do. This individual approach is unique and should be treasured as a truly personal home is generally a home that is welcoming, relaxed and enjoyed by you, your friends and family alike.

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Making your home more energy efficient will not only save you hundreds of pounds over the long run, it will also give you the satisfaction of knowing you are playing your part in reducing the emissions that lead to global warming. Installing cavity insulation, double glazing and a new ultra efficient condensing boiler are obvious but expensive options. They may also be unnecessary if you use some or all of the design advice given in this very article!