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Updated: 2019-12-02 23:09

If you choose a hard surface floor, you may want a few area rugs to help soften your living spaces. A cheap rug is much more versatile than carpeting because it can be moved, cleaned, or tossed in the trash. Choose affordable and durable rugs such as sisalpersonalized gifts for him, Japanese style mats, sea-grass, or low pile textile rugs. Another option is removable, self-stick carpet tiles.

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Once the staple flooring of call centres and doctor’s waiting rooms due to their hard wearing but relatively unsightly nature, carpet tiles are now making an impact in more fashion conscious settings such as bars and restaurants due to their hugely improved range of colours and finishes. Carpet tiles can be pulled up, rinsed off, or replaced in the event of a pet incident.

Amongst the most modern flooring types currently popular with interior designers are resin floors. Not only are they completely pet friendly, they come with the added advantage of being completely resistant to staining, liquids and chemical spills. Quickly poured and set in situ, resin floors are about as cool as it gets presently and can be purchased in any colour so are sure to your furniture and fabric items like bedspreads and curtains.

For any hard flooring but especially concrete and resin, I would always advise having under-heating laid in conjunction. Concrete and resin can get fairly cold in winter months and once laid are all but impossible to lift without huge expense.

This is my first Instructable: I'm not sure how popular hot water bottles are around the world, but here in the UK, I find mine a must-have accessory for most of the year. I needed a new cover anyway, so thought I'd share the process with you.First gather your tools and materials. You could do this project all by hand, but some use of the sewing machine will speed it up. I didn't go out and buy anything for this because I have tonnes of fabric around the house that needs using.Other things: Pins, a small needle and an embroidery needle (with a sharp point), embroidery silks, sharp scissors (and pinking shears if you've got them), wadding, assorted buttons, some circles of card (cereal box will be perfect), fabric for your main cover AND of course, a hot water bottle (available from hardware stores, chemists and probably online, these days).If you like my instructable - don't forget to vote for it in the 'Sew Warm' Contest - thanks!xx

Founded on the belief that art belongs throughout the home, our custom made, hand-crafted furniture is a testament to the true artistry of Australian design and craftsmanship.

The furniture market is no joke. Whether you are stocking a hotel, refurnishing a home, or simply replacing a pillow or cushion, there are always reasons to spend money on new furniture. Furniture sales added up to over $100 billion in the United States in 2015. That’s a lot of cash.