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Updated: 2019-09-23 11:21

Here we go with round two of Lunch Hour Links! The first link roundup I did was successful so this is officially a thing, not an all the time thing but definitely a once in awhile thing.?Monday?I was feeling pretty shitty and I’ve been barely avoiding a full blown tissues-stuck-up-the-nose cold, which is especially sucky because I’m preparing myself for Dan’s big 30th birthday next week.?He has the week off and we’re making the whole week about foodpersonalized gifts for him, so I’;m trying to get ahead of schedule. But being sick has not made things easy, and to make sure I get enough rest for next week I?had to cancel my?plans with some friends and my Mom. Cancelling on people is a bummer but I’;ll make it up to them when I’;m feeling better, because?for now I’;m readying myself for a week of gluttony.

With everything going on this was the ideal week for another link roundup post. I basically spend all day on the internet so it was actually pretty hard to narrow down all the stuff I’;ve run into to find a handful of really awesome links for you guys. The fall travel guide?is one of the best things I’;ve seen in the last month. What is prettier than autumnal scenery?

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Enjoy these links and have a lovely weekend:

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The changes of season brings a lot of changes to all of our homes. We change our wardrobes, our make-up and most importantly, the interior of our home. With autumn already starting, we have decided to prepare a few ideas for home decoration for autumn.

photo: maria robledo