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Updated: 2019-09-23 17:15

It feels like once fall hits and things start getting busier, I tend to forget about Lunch Hour Links。 Like most people my brain was all holiday all the time。 But hey it’;s a new year and everyone is buzzing with the new things they’;re doing (and not doing), making resolutions and goalspersonalized gifts for him, and moving on from everything that had our minds occupied for the past couple months –; that means it’;s time for another link roundup! I like these roundups because they capture what I’;m really interested in right now。 I’;ve talked about a few of these on Twitter and?Instagram but it doesn’;t feel like enough, so I’;ve put them here。

I swear I try to find things other than food to talk about?but let’;s be honest, food makes the world go round。 I can’;t not talk about it。 Plus, with the death of Grantland (R。I。P。 sadface and the bird for those who killed it) I feel like there’;s a hole in my every day media consumption。 No more Food News or recaps of GoT。 I’;m imagining all the fun/interesting/clever articles that COULD HAVE been written about Star Wars, which I’;m surprisingly not talking about today。

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There is one movie I wish I were seeing before I write this week’;s roundup and that’;s The Revenant。 Dan has a major boner for Leo so we’;re seeing it this weekend, and I’;m really looking forward to watching it after stuffing my face with a burger and some fried cheese curds。 Those are our big weekend plans。 Leo, burgers, and finally taking down our tree。 Who else still has their tree up? Anyone? Or are we total bums for having ours still up?

Supporting handmade is important to me. ?I used to sell handmade goods on Etsy?and may?again someday. ?My mom sells her crochet and knitting on Etsy. ?My sister sells baby quilts. ?(Yes, the creativity thing runs in the family.) ?Supporting other creative people is a wonderful way to give back to the creative community and keep it thriving.

For most people, I think throw pillows are pretty easy to figure out, but what to do with throw blankets is baffling. ?Before we get into how and where to use throw blankets, tell me are you Type A or Type B? ?I’ve got ideas for both personalities!

Courtney from?A Diamond in the Stuff?is back to give us another awesome?guest post today!! Courtney’s specialty is home décor projects and makes decorating your home with DIY projects seem so easy and fun! Please show Courtney some love by visiting her awesome blog?and giving her a “like” on her facebook page.