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personalized gifts for him Minkee Eye Mask Pattern customized gifts for mom
Updated: 2020-04-26 22:01

OH how I love an eye mask. I sleep with one every night and I know it makes me seem high maintenance, and maybe I am, but whatever. I need it to sleep. I love sleeping. I do what my eyes tell me I must do. We shared a DIY for a Sleep Mask a while ago, but this time we are also giving you a free downloadable pattern. I love the addition of minkee fabric –; it’;s so cozy AND light-resistant. I also love finding some cute elastic and putting it to good use here. If you want to be fun, shrink the pattern down to 75% and make a matching one for your kid. The whole thing takes like fifteen minutes. You might as well. And remember leave a comment on this or any post this week and you could win that insanely cute octopus up there on the left.

Get the full Minkee Eye Mask Tutorial and Free Downloadable Pattern after the jump…;Minkee Eye MaskYou’;ll need just a small scrap-size piece of fabric, another piece of minkee (or you can use something else that’;s cozy) and a piece of decorative elastic. I cut my elastic 14″; but I have a big ole headpersonalized gifts for him, you might need yours a little shorter. Just hold it up to your head and measure, making sure it’;s not too tight. For the fabric –; go with something black or really dark. I usedAlexander Henry Good Earth Poppies but I think any of these would also be awesome: Fulham Road Regent Peacock Trios in Black, Daiwabo Japan Kanon Small Flowers in Black, Keiki Wee Woodland in Woodland Black, or Kokka Trefle Cotton Medium Matroyshka Dolls in Black.

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1. Download our pattern for the Minkee Eye Mask. You can check it out below, and click here for the free PDF pattern.

2. Cut the pattern out and trace it on to your fabric. Cut one cotton (remember: use a darker colored fabric to keep more light out) and one minkee:

3. Lay your minkee right side up. Using the marks on our pattern, pin each side of your elastic in place:Sew them on with a nice strong zig zag:

4. Now lay your cotton right side down on top, so right sides are facing. in place all the way around the edges, making sure not to pin your elastic into your seams:Sew in place all the way around with a 1/4″; seam allowance, leaving a hole for turning and back stitching at the beginning and end:If you need to, trim your edges (except don’;t trim at the hole). Reach in the hole and grab the elastic and pull it out:Continue to pull until your eye mask has turned right side out. Iron it nice and flat, folding the edges under at the hole:

5. Top stitch all the way around right at the edge (this will close the hole –; you could slip stitch it by hand and skip the top stitching if you really want, but top stitching will keep the layers from slipping). If your fabrics are two different colors remember to use different colored thread on the spool and in the bobbin (for example I used black on the spool and brown in the bobbin) so you are nicely coordinated. This is very important, to be coordinated while sleeping, right?Here is the view from the other side:

Girl, you are so done. Isn’;t my skin so smooth and porcelain? No, that’;s a lamp. I don’;t allow photographs while sleeping.

This is why.

HA! Anyhoo…; The Season of Cozy is upon us.

So, think you will try it? I think this could be a great new-mom present at a baby shower, no? I gave eye masks to all of my wedding girls. I don’;t know if they use them but I thought it was pretty cool.

Hello lovely readers! Many of you have complimented the DIY pipe table that we made for our new eat-in-kitchen area, so today we are sharing with you full details of how we made it. First, let me show you our inspiration, which came from one of my favorite stores–West Elm. I fell in love with the West Elm Workshop Table. But the large size retails for $1,999.00. Yeah, that wasn't going to happen…

One of the largest events in the baby industry each year is the ABC Kids Expo. ?This is the premier trade show where many of the companies in our industry come together to show off their latest, trendy products.? If you love baby products, then this is the place to be.

To many black and white checkerboard tiles are associated with dingy and dated Italian restaurants or brash and tacky American style diners. Unfortunately their bright and bold presence makes them ideal and popular design features for such places. However, as this article explains, the? checkerboard pattern can in fact be extremely elegant and surprisingly contemporary.