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Updated: 2019-09-16 04:45

We are so excited to officially release the newest paint line in the Tattered Angels family of paper, craft and DIY paints,?Décor &; DIY Paint. ?This great new paint got its name because we think it is a perfect choice for all you decorating needs when a great paint is required to cover just about every surface and for your Do It Yourself projects where you need to a paint to do what you need it to do.

Tattered Angels Décor?&; DIY paint is a multi-purpose paint used for reusing, repurposing, refinishing, redoing, reclaiming, redecorating or just painting. Tattered Angels Décor?and DIY paint is professionally manufactures and offers a good quality, high performing paint that appeals for use on the most flexible range of do-it-yourself, decorating and craft painting projects. ?We suggest 1-2 coats, but you can apply more if you are looking for a very durable finish. ?Our paint does not require a topcoat or a wax seal, but you can add finishes and waxes to get the look you are trying to achieve. ?We offer 28 different colors which are available in 8oz containers, with approximately 25 square feet of coverage per 8oz.

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Our paint has so many great features we wanted to tell you all about them, but we know we are not able to cover every detail.

Durable –; we chose a formula that would withstand the wear and tear of amazing creativity. ?They key is the paint will not simply scratch off like other paints and with a few coats (let them dry between coats) you painted surface will become even more durable.

Smooth Finish –; the chalk, milk, craft and other paints on the surfaces have a wide range of finishes when they are drypersonalized gifts for him, some have a gritty, chalk feel and others can be waxed for a shiny finish, our finish is a smooth finish on its own that is not too glossy, not too matte, it is just right.

No Sanding –; our paint will adhere to just about any surface without sanding or priming. ?We do recommend when painting raw wood that you remove any rough edges by sanding and making sure you clean the surface completely and allow it to dry.

Indoor and Outdoor –; not only is this paint durable, but it will work for outdoor and indoor projects.

Self-leveling –; no need to over brush to try and remove you brush strokes, they will self-level as the paint dries.

Water-Soluable –; wash up is a breeze with our paint, just soap and water clean up is all that is required

No Premixing –; ?unlike other paints on the market that are in a powder form or must have other items added to them, our paint is pre-mixed and ready to go. ?Storage is easy as well, just a cool, dry place, but no special storage requirements.

Low VOC –; we do our best to be environmentally friendly and our new paint let’;s us continue to uphold that goal. ?The low VOC’;s allow you to paint inside and do not require special ventilation when painting inside. ?Low VOC also means low smell, which we really important to us.

Acrylic Formula –; many of the paints on the market today are made with many different recipes and formulas, we choose to offer a high quality acrylic formula that has been tested to outperform most of the DIY paints on the market. ?In most cases, but not all the lower the cost of the paint the lower the quality of the paint. ?It does not always mean you have to buy the most expensive, but the price gives you a gauge to judge the quality and make the right paint choice for your needs.

To sum things up, this great paint is strong, easy to apply, dries quickly, has a nice finish, does not require a topcoat, it is not smelly, you don’;t need to prepare your surface or do any sanding, you can blend to make any color you like and you can paint indoor and outdoor projects. ?So basically you can paint anything you want, anywhere and we hope you will be very happy with the results.

You can view each of the paints on our website for close up color, go to this link or you can click on this photo http://www.mytatteredangels.com/paint/decor-and-diy-paint/

Decor and DIY paint is available in 28 fresh, trendy colors. Our palette offers a wide range of colors that work well for any design style from shabby chic, modern, vintage, trendy or eclectic and anywhere in between.

Our offering of 28 colors can be blended together to create new colors, making the color palette infinite.

New Colors –; blend one or more colors to get the color of choice. ?Keep in mind that the paint dries differently than it looks wet, so you will want to test your color and allow it to dry. ?As you create you new color make note of what you add so that you have the recipe, even a drop of extra should be noted if you need to recreate the color. ?To store your new color you will want to keep in a airtight container.

Adjust the Hue –; Looking for a different tone of a color you can adjust easily by adding white to lighten the color or black to darken the color. ?Add a little at a time as the color can change rather quickly. ?You will want to test and allow to dry to make sure your color?is right on. ?Using more than one hue on a project can really give it unique depth and a designer result. ?Keep count of how many drops you add incase your need to recreate your new hue.

Vintage Look?–; after applying the color you can add a wax, touches of one of our darker colors or choose different techniques using other paints from the Tattered Angels Paint collection to create a vintage, distressed look.

Tattered Angels Paint System?

Perfect companion for the entire Tattered Angels Line of Paints and Mists. ?Here is a bit about each of our other paints and their home decor application.

Mist swatches on burlap, canvas, paper and wood –; tinting and staining to beautiful colors.

Mists (Glimmer Mist, Simply Sheer, Chalkboard and Baseboard)?Sheer mist paint perfect to stain and tint wood, silk, canvas, burlap, ribbon, lace, drywall. ?We offer a huge selection of colors with and without glimmer.

High Impact Paint –; The perfect detail paint for all your Do It Yourself Projects. ?This thick and creamy paint that will adhere to just about any surface. Available in metallic and pure pigment colors. ?We love it for knobs, handles, furniture details, etc.

7gypsies Acrylic Crystals with Stained Glass Paint

Stained Glass –; Add color to clear items like crystals, glass, acrylic items to bring a touch of color where it is needed. ?This is a great option when redoing a vintage chandelier or adding crystals to a plain chandelier to give it the pop of color you are looking for.

Glimmer Glam –; Semi-opaque paint filled with chunky glitter that can be added to décor pieces and glitter stays in place. ?This paint also acts like a top coat and can be applied on top of our?Décor?and DIY Paint if you have the need for a glitter top-coat, perfect for a little girl’;s room or a fun bathroom finish.

Faux Painted Cow Skull –; Naturally Aged Kit –; Turquoise

Naturally Aged Kits –; Faux finish kits that can be applied to any surface, easy to create in few simple steps. ?This painted cow skull is a great example of how the kits work and the variety of surfaces they work on. ?This skull was painted in less than 30 minutes with our Naturally Aged Kit –; Turquoise and ready to display the same day. ?We have a wide range of kits including faux wood finishes, architecture finishes such as brick and peeled paint, as well as faux stone and metals. ?Use them alone or combine them to add faux finishes to any DIY project. ?The kits are all water-soluble, easy to apply and come with complete full color instructions.

As we have mentioned one of the most exciting benefits of our paint is that you can paint just about any surface and what our Décor?and DIY Paint is not meant to paint, there is a good chance one of the other Tattered Angels Paints will do the trick, we have listed below each of our other paints and the total range of surfaces you can rely on to paint. ?The durable smooth finish will bring new life to vintage or out-of-date-pieces, or give color to new found objects.



Of course we had to make this angel one of our first projects to share. ?Kim N shows us how easy she was to update.

The perfect combination of high quality paints that offer solutions for today’s DIY, Craft and Decorating needs. Display your paints in fun and creative ways with examples of how the paints perform, the color palettes and accessories they will need to complete their project. We love to display in a vintage armoire, old dresser, assorted boxes, baskets or crates or line them up on handmade wooden shelves where they are easy to view. The perfect department to add no matter what your store is all about or your style, choose the colors and paints that best tell your story.

The collection of Tattered Angels Paints come together to meet all your Do It Yourself, Decorating and Craft needs and together they cover the following surfaces and any not listed you can think of.

Visit our website –; www.mytatteredangels.com for more details on our new?Décor?and DIY Paint, as well as our entire paint line. ?If you have tried Tattered Angels Paints before we encourage you to give them a try with all the new applications and if you are new the the Tattered Angels Brand, all of our paints are made in the USA, each with a custom recipe, using the highest of quality raw materials to ensure that we offer a high quality paints that come through for you every time.

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