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personalized gifts for him SS18 Trends- Impressionist pillow covers floral
Updated: 2019-12-03 16:56

Bolder than your average pastels, yet still soft and subtle. Impressionist’;s watercolour-effect print is at the heart of this trend, brings lots of colour to textiles, ceramics and reactive glazes. Colours blend and hard lines blur through the use of soft materials and mixed texturespersonalized gifts for him, creating a comfortable, ethereal feel. Which is a natural evolution from our blue-hued SS17 coastal trend.

Dunelm’;s Head of Design, Debbie Drake, tells us how the trend came to be and how to make it work in your home:??

nursery lumbar pillow

“;Believe it or not, our Impressionist pattern started out life as a very subtle wash of pastel colours but became bolder and brighter as we gained confidence with the story. Early signs are that our customers approve of the direction it’s taken!

This is a collection which brings a bright and breezy feel to every room of the house, with a casual approach to co-ordination rather than being too ‘matchy, matchy’. It works really well against a backdrop of bright colour on walls, but also has enough going on to add a splash of colour to a very simple white room.

As home owners across the UK become more confident decorators, we are finding that abstract designs and ‘motif-less’ patterns are increasing in popularity. I believe this is because they offer the freedom to experiment with so many different ways of accessorising the look to suit your personal tastes. We have chosen to accent the simple watery shapes and wobbly stripes with an abundance of summery floral stems – the kind you are likely to find in the garden rather than the florist!

My top tip for this kind of flower arranging is to use a number of vases and vessels in different shapes and sizes and replace one stem every few days so you can keep the arrangements looking fresh and authentically ‘garden like’ all through the year. Your look will evolve as different flowers and foliage come into season outside. If you don’t have a flower garden don’t worry –; we have a fab new range of natural looking faux stems which will do the job very nicely.”;

Want your entertaining to outshine the fireworks this 4th of July? Look no further. In honor of the country’s big day, we’ve collected 4 of our most trusted tabletopping tips.

I love to ride my bike and sometimes need to take some stuff with me - like a powerbank (for the phone attached to the handlebar) or just a knog's chain lock for safe parking ;) What's important - I prefer to hide it in a bag strapped to bike than to ride with backpack. It's just more comfortable for me to be light-and-free, while my bike carries the rest :) And because my bike's frame is not a standard one (Corratec Superbow Trail 2008 - frame looks like this), I always have troubles with choosing the right bag. One I used for a couple of months, needed to be modified to fit, and just teared down - mounting straps just fell off..

While I’m taking some much needed time away, you’re all in good hands with all the amazing creative bloggers who are stepping in to give you all a creative fix! This DIY Wood Slat Photo Display by Ariean from One Krieger Chick is a fun and creative addition to your home.?Wood Slat Wall Art is so on trend….. and now you can make your own!