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personalized gifts for him “We Heart You” – February Art Journal personalised birthday gifts
Updated: 2019-09-15 21:30

Today Crew Member Juli Ondrush share a fab Art Journal inspiered by this months challenge.

I love to Art Journal based on my faith! This month is all about Love, not only for that special someone, but also for the love of each other as friends, coworkers and humans in general. Our friends are the family we get to pick for ourselves, so I wanted to journal about this love with this simplepersonalized gifts for him, 3-D spread, using some of my all time favorite products.

floral pillow shams

Below Juli share how she created this Art Journal. She used these Products from Canvas Corp Brands: Tattered Angels Chalkboard Mist Paint –; Ruby Slipper,? Tattered Angels Glimmer Glaze Paint –; Paradise Pink,?Glimmer Glaze Paint –; Icicle,? Tattered Angels Chalkboard Mist Paint –; Polka Dot Pink,? Tattered Angels Glimmer Glam –; Espresso Bean,? Canvas Corp Red &; White Mini Dot Rev Paper,? 7gypsies Ordre du Jour:12×;12 To &; Due Paper

?Place gesso on your blank pages and spread out with a paintbrush. Be sure and cover the pages as much as you can because it is a good base for using wet media. Also, don’t forget to use wax paper to protect the pages below. Let the gesso dry.

Gather a spray bottle of water and several colors of Tattered Angels mists. Spray the top part of your pages with water, and then drip two or more colored mists on the water. Lift the book and let the liquids swirl, mix and drip. Continue these steps until you achieve desired results. Be sure to place a paper towel under your work to catch the drips!

Gather up some heart punches, stencils and some scissors and cut out as many hearts as you think you might need. I used various papers and sizes for interest. I needed way more than I thought! I also freehanded a big heart out of scrap packaging as a base. Glue the big heart on your page first. Fold all your small hearts in half vertically. Apply glue only to the fold and stick the small hearts randomly on the big heart.

It should look like a hot mess!

Stamp your sentiment on scrap paper, rip the edges, and glue along the top of the pages. Cover with Glimmer Glaze in icicle to add a sheen

Find a pocket card that matches your theme and ink the edges with Tattered Angels mist-I used Ruby Slipper. Cut a strip of cardstock and fold length wise. Glue one half to the page and one half to the pocket card to make a hinge.Next, I used a black watercolor pencil and lots of water to go around all the edges. I blended areas with a water brush as i pleased. I sprinkled everything with a genereous mist of watercolor and water by tapping a loaded brush over the page. I also added Glimmer Glam in Icicle to the hearts.

Add any finishing touches, like ruffling and gluing muslin to the bottom of each page, and adding a heart sticker on each side of the card to make a tab. And most importantly, don’;t forget to journal!

Please follow Juli on INSTAGRAM!

February Challenge –; “;We ? You”;

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