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personalized gifts for him “Be My Maid Of Honor-” A Gift Box Tutorial personalized wedding gifts
Updated: 2020-01-16 17:44

Although I have never been a wedding dreamer,? I have always been certain I would be married with my sisters by my side. Erin (28) and Kelly (22) are amazing women…;smart, funny, talented, and strong-willed. Like most siblings, we've had our fair share of rough patches, but I love them with all my heartpersonalized gifts for him, and am very fortunate to count them among my very best friends.? I couldn't stand the thought of choosing just one to be my Maid of Honor so I asked them both, and luckily for me, they were more than happy to share the role.

When I popped the question, I wanted to present each girl with a small gift:?something unique that referenced our sisterhood, but was also durable and? practical for day-to-day use. Jewelry is a great and lasting way to do this! After a little hunting and bargain-shopping, I came across the sterling ring set below, and snapped up three at a great price: one for each of them, and one for me. The rings are especially significant to me because the bands are intertwined, and feature the words faith, hope, and love, a subtle reference to 2 Corinthians, a traditional reading at many weddings and a beautiful piece of scripture. Three bands, three sisters, and a little bit of symbolism, all wrapped up in a simple, durable package. When it works, it works, right? ??

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I wear my ring every day, and Erin and Kelly are never without theirs, either, so I'd say they were a good pick!

All that fabulousness calls for some pretty wrapping, which brings me to today's DIY: this nifty little gift box.

Kelly's Gift Box (personal photo)

Each of these beauties cost less than $1.00 because I had all but the boxes and thread on hand. With just a little bit of work, they were the perfect fit for the ring and a personal note to each sister.

To make each gift box, you'll need:

Embroidery Detail(personal photo)

Interior With Note(personal photo)

The Finished Product (personal photo)

So, what do you think! I'd love to read/see your ideas for “;popping”; the question to your ‘;maids!

Have a wonderful week!


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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Kohler. All opinions are 100% mine.

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