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personalized gifts for him for birthday Altered Valentine Tin with Soda Can Hearts personalised birthday gifts
Updated: 2019-09-12 01:49

With only one day?late until the V-Day, there’;s not time?to waste. Finding the perfect gift at such a short notice might prove very tricky so you might want to opt in for a gift card (you know, just to save yourself the last-minute frustrations). We have a brilliant idea on how to make that common gift card?stand out and make your Valentine?feel uber-special –; Kathy Adams, part of the Canvas Corp Brands Crew member, ?will show you how to turn an empty Altoid tin into an altered work of Valentine’;s art using just a couple of Tattered Angels paints and scraps of Canvas Corp papers. Are you ready to get inspired?

‘;Altoid tins are the perfect size for altering and it’;s a fun alternative to a card. Not only is the tin alteredpersonalized gifts for him for birthday, but the hearts in this project are made from a soda can! The soda can tin is a great surface to use for die-cuts because it’;s pliable and paintable. Tattered Angels High Impact paint worked wonderfully for this unique Valentines Day gift. P.S. Altoid tins are the perfect size to hold a gift card.’; says Kathy about her project.

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Tattered Angels High Impact Paints –; the perfect paint for any surface.

Materials used:

Tattered Angels:High Impact Paint RedPlain Jane Baseboard Mist Paint in CoalGlimmer Mist:?Suede and Gilded Gold?Canvas Corp:Black &; White Life Newsprint PaperDamask on Ivory 12 x 12 TissuePure Mistable Paper 12×;12 White CorrugatedHemp Rope Hank in RedOther:Empty Altoid TinEmpty Soda CanHeart Die-CutsEmbossing FoldersGolden Heavy Matte MediumLiquitex Pouring MediumKrylon Workable FixativeCopy of Image and Quote for Inside TinSand PaperEmbellies: Glitter, Sequins, Rhinestone Brads, Tacks, Thread

Tools:Tim Holtz ScissorsPaint BrushesAwlHammerDie Cut Machine

Using heavy duty scissors, pierce the can near the top and cut the top off. Be careful because the tin is sharp! Repeat for the bottom. You don’;t need the top and bottom so these can be thrown away. Cut down the side so the tin lays flat. Now use the die-cuts and embossing folders to create the hearts.

To prep the altoid tin, lightly sand then paint with coat of gesso.

Did you know you can mix Tattered Angels paints with their sprays? You sure can! To make the deep red for the tin, mix High Impact Red paint with a spritz of Plain Jane Coal Baseboard. Paint the Altoid tin inside and out with this mixture and let dry. Paint with another coat to cover any streaks.

Give the hearts the same prep treatment as the tin: lightly sand and gesso. Paint two coats of straight red High Impact paint and let dry. Sand the raised areas to reveal the embossed pattern.

Spray Plain Jane Coal Baseboard spray on a white fluted scrap and let dry. These are used to layer the front and inside cover.

Putting it all together: layer scraps of Black and White Life Newsprint and Damask Tissue with the painted heart using Golden Heavy Gel Medium. Use clothespins to clamp it all together till it dries. Add embellishments like red hemp string, glitter, rhinestones and small text to finish the front.

For the inside of the tin, layer Damask Tissue on the cover with another piece of the fluted black paper. If desired, spray pieces of tissue with a contrasting color to add more interest. Print out an image for the inside and a poem to layer on the cover. Spray the printouts with Krylon Workable Fixative and let dry overnight. Spray the words with Suede and Gilded Gold Glimmer Mist. Glue poem on top of the fluted paper and embellish with another heart, string and sequins.

Pouring medium creates a shiny finish, much like clear resin. Cut and attach the image to the inside portion of the tin with gel medium and add the stars and moon sequins. Pour the Pouring Medium on top and sprinkle glitter, micro beads, sequins or other small embellishments. Let dry overnight.

For the finishing touches, add tacks to the sides of the tin. Use an awl and hammer to make the holes if needed.

You can add?mini card or a shop gift card inside the tin making it a perfect and extremely unique Valentine’;s Day gift.

For more inspiration, visit Kathy’;s blog and Instagram.

Happy crafting!!!

By Georgie Grant from The Whimsical Wanderer

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