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personalized gifts for him for birthday Christmas STAR pillow case baby
Updated: 2020-03-06 11:41

Need a little something to cheer up your door or a wall with a little Christmas cheer? This star is pretty simple and doesn’;t take a lot of time. (Well, unless you are interrupted a bagillion times by a toddler who wants a cracker, water, play-doh, etc. …;…;..Oh well.)

What you’;ll need:

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Thenpersonalized gifts for him for birthday, lay it flat and trace over the creases to get sharp, accurate lines.

Then, cut it out and place it over the side of the star to see if it fits. Trim if necessary.

Then cut out 5 pieces of one color of fabric, turn over the pattern, and cut 5 pieces out of the other color of fabric.

Then, lay down some newspapers (or Kmart ads like I did). Then spread some mod podge over one of the sections with your brush and smooth the piece of fabric over it, smoothing out any air bubbles. Don’;t worry if it doesn’;t fit perfectly. Just make sure you cover all of the metal and you can trim the excess later. (This happens because the fabric sometimes stretches as you smooth it out…;…;.don’;t worry though!) Do one section at a time (so that the mod podge doesn’;t dry out) until you have completed the star.

Then turn your star over and you’;ll probably see some excess fabric. Trim it off and anywhere else that needs a little touch up.

Then apply a generous amount over the whole thing (not the back), making sure to smooth down any fabric that has lifted or puckered.

And don’;t be afraid if it looks like this with smears of white and cloudiness. It will dry clear. I promise.

After it dries completely, spray with some clear acrylic gloss if you’;re going to be hanging it outside. Even then, I don’;t think I would hang it out somewhere completely unprotected. The gloss doesn’;t completely seal the mod podge, which is water soluble. But it should be fine on your front door, under a ledge.

Let the gloss dry and you’;re done! Way to go. Whew, now go take a rest and maybe eat a hunk of fudge…;…;.you’;ve been hard at work creating!

Alrighty friends, are you ready for part 2 of our budget kitchen makeoverreveal?! Let me give you fair warning that this post is photo heavy. Get comfortable :)

We are down to just a few short weeks until Christmas. About this time each year I feel like I’ve run out of ideas for gifts. I just spent yesterday brainstorming with friends as to what to buy for my 15 year old son (suggestions welcomed, he has nothing on his list). If you’re like me, time can be short but ambitions can be large. I always want to make gifts for my family and friends but many times run out of time.

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