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personalized gifts for him for birthday DIY Bridal Hairpiece personalized wedding gifts
Updated: 2020-01-18 06:34

One day during a dress fitting, I fell in love with a hairpiece the bridal store had. When I turned it over I was bummed to see that it was $60. But upon further thought, I decided that I could make an equally chicpersonalized gifts for him for birthday, DIY bridal?hairpiece for less!

I purchased some assorted tulle and felt at a local fabric store for about $3. And I tracked down a vintage brooch for $20. I was willing to pay a little extra for the brooch because I can remove it from the hairpiece and use it after our big day! And this one was perfect, the dangles on it reminded me of arrows, a symbol of my sorority, and the baguette shapes remind me of my engagement ring and wedding band. I already had a needle and thread and a small hair clip.

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I started by making a flower pattern (that's it with the red stripe) and cutting it out of the finer tulle about 24 times. This will vary depending on how full and overlapping you would want your piece. I had a wider tulle that I folded into the rectangle shape that I wanted. I then laid all of the flower shapes and larger tulle together and began to sew around the brooch. Once I felt that I had securely fastened the brooch to the tulle flower I finished my sewing with a secure knot and glued a circle of felt to the back. I wanted to make sure that this part is small enough that you do not see it from the front. I then glued the small hair clip onto the felt.

And for $23 I have a more personal hairpiece and I think it looks just perfect!

What’s better than paper straws for a birthday party? Flavored straws. Adalyn loves the strawberry flavored straws for her milk. You can find them at the grocery store.

This is the Pale Blue Dot's project for 2015; Trash Trek. This year we are making tote bags and other items out of old Lego League game mats. We also make wallets and iPad cases out of the mats. In this Instructable we will show how to make the tote bag. You will need 1 FLL mat, scissors, and a sewing machine.

Mediterranean interior design style have become popular all over the world due to their rich textures and colors. There are three main countries that make up the inspiration for this look and each has it’s own differences. Spanish style interiors have a Moroccan feel with stucco walls, patterned tiles and wrought iron. The Greek influence comes from the ocean, with crisp aquas, turquoises and deep blues contrasted against white plaster walls.