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personalized gifts for him for birthday Get the Look- Chic Leopard Living Room funny cushion covers
Updated: 2020-01-19 16:09

In our new Winter 2016 Collection, we’;re debuting our newest design obsessed —; Serengeti ourultra luxe animal print! We pulled together this chic living room above and specifically choose colors and furniture pieces that would set off those high impact doses of Serengeti.

We chose our new Dakota Slipcovered Sofa in a Super White Twill, then added a collection of solid throw pillows in charcoals and chartreuse. A gallery wall of mirrors brings just the right amount of glamour and shinepersonalized gifts for him for birthday, something every room needs!

cheap throw pillow covers

Then we did something you almost never see, we used two animal prints. Gasp! Because all of the colors in this space are fairly neutral, we combined to animal prints —; a lighter Antelope rug with bold X-Bench Ottomans. The Antelope rug almost acts like a neutral, so the detail is there but it isn’;t in your face.

Shop all of the pieces in this room:

Antelope Rug

Felicity Acrylic Side Table

Felicity Acrylic Coffee Table

Mirror Gallery

Karen Task Lamp

Dakota Sofa in Super White Twill

Brook Recliner in Signature Velvet Slate

Found DoughBowl

Allusion Sconce

X-Bench Ottoman in Serengeti

Serengeti Pillows

Find morecolor palette ideas, or browse ourPinterest boardsfor more inspiration!

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