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personalized gifts for him for birthday How To Fold A Fitted Sheet & Other Bedding Storage Tips pillow covers floral
Updated: 2019-12-02 17:46

Justas you plan a wardrobe clear out and clothing rotation as a new seasonapproaches, you may also find that you like to store away your seasonal beddingfor a bedroom refresh. However, finding the storage space, keeping beddingfresh for its next use, and ways of folding tidily can be tricky.

Ever find yourself in a muddle when trying to foldyour fitted sheets? It can be seriously frustrating when those elasticatedcorners just don’t want to fold away neatly. The art of folding a fitted sheetcorrectly may seem like a mammoth taskpersonalized gifts for him for birthday, but with a bit of practice, it’ll soon becomeeffortless when doing the laundry. From now on, prepare to be incrediblysatisfied with crisply folded fitted sheets thanks to our super handy step-by-stepguide.

family pillow cover

You willneed

How to folda fitted sheet

Storeunused bedding in storage bags

If you’re planning on switching up your sheets for a new time of year, make sure you store your current bedding away neatly in a protective bag to keep them fresh. The Heavy Duty Bedding Bag is ideal for storing duvets, pillows, bed linen and even curtains, with its large capacity and is finished with a secure zip fastening.

Save spacewith vacuum storage

Vacuum storage is the perfect space saving solution if you have limited storage space in your homes. The Russel Pack of 2 Large Vacuum Storage Bags have fantastic properties for protecting against dust, damp, mites and moisture while reducing the volume of the contents to give you up to three times more space!

Organisebed linen within pillowcases

If you have seasonal bed linen from multiple beds inyour home, a really easy way to fold them up and keep them stored tidily is byfolding duvet covers and sheets inside their matching pillowcases. This way,you’ll find it much easier to pick out your bedding for next time and nothingwill (or should) get lost.

Choose awise spot

Outdoors, in a garage or a shed is a big no-no for storingbedding as there’s a much higher risk of inviting unwanted creatures andcausing spots of damp and mould. A linen or airing cupboard is the obvious bestplace for them, but great alternatives are in ottomans, under the bed or evenon a shelf in the loft.

Buttoning a cushion is an easy way to make it look more polished. To add buttons to a cushion, all you need to do is sew them into the cushion with a bit of twine. Try adding buttons to one or more of your cushions to improve the look.

Color has a way of affecting your mood, freshening a room, and bringing your home up-to-date with current trends. Looking back at my parents’ choice of colors in our home growing up will tell you that trends don’t usually last. Choosing a ‘classic’ color can be a safe choice and using current color trends can get you motivated to decorate. How do you decide?