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personalized gifts for him for birthday How to Fit Curtain Tracks funny cushion covers
Updated: 2019-12-02 13:59

Fitting a curtain track is simple and straightforward. To install some tracks you will need the following items:-

A metal tape measure, pencil, plumb line (or alternatively string), drill, screwdriver, dust Sheet (for the especially house proud!)personalized gifts for him for birthday, step ladder, hacksaw or pipe cutters and a handful of nails and screws. You should also check that everything that is supposed to be included with the track is actually in attendance as it can be really frustrating to have to stop a job halfway through to nip back to the DIY store. Matters can get even worse if you have already thrown out the packaging and receipt, so be sure to hold onto those until the job is complete.

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If not being positioned in the window recess, the tracks should be positioned on the wall about 10 - 15cm above the horizontal edge of the window recess, if you have a tall ceiling, halfway between the ceiling and the recess or, if working to specific ready made curtain lengths, take time to work out the actual fixing height of the brackets so your curtains hang perfectly.

Once happy with the arrangement you have chosen, you must attach the holding brackets which should be positioned about 15cm either side of the window recess- but be sure to check that your track is wide enough before marking out and drilling. At this stage it is vital that you also make sure that the brackets aren’t going to end up vertically aligned with any pipes or electrical sockets that drilling could disrupt. Also check to make sure that the curtains won’t end up knocking over a table lamp or vase every time you close them

Measure from the floor up to the point where the bracket is to be fixed, mark this point with a cross, repeating this procedure on the other side of the window. To ensure the poles and tracks will be level when fixed, run a string line from one height mark to the other, secured in place with two bradawls.

Stand back from the window and check if the string line is level to the eye and in proportion to the coving or ceiling and the window recess. If the string line is not level, then raise or lower one side. You could use a spirit level though it is the windows and ceiling that you want your track to look balanced against and generally, neither will be perfectly horizontal.

Next measure and mark the wall exactly between the two outer bracket marks using the string line to ensure accurate bracket alignment and you will have an accurate marking for the centre bracket. If fitting a curtain track with multiple brackets, space them equally for the width of your track, using the string line to make certain all the brackets are aligned perfectly.

Using the correct drill bit, drill the pilot holes for the plugs and screws then fix the brackets to the wall or recess in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

The track can then be fitted neatly to the brackets and tightened into place using the screws hopefully provided in the pack.

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