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personalized gifts for him for birthday How to Fit a Roller Blind funny cushion covers
Updated: 2019-12-02 19:20

A roller blind is cheap and cheerful alternative to slightly pricier blinds such as vertical or metal blinds. Available in a wide range of fabric choices, a roller blind is able to fit right into almost any room arrangement. Though they come in a variety of sizes, they will generally need a little tinkering with once you get them home.

This is nothing to worry about as fitting a roller blind is one of the simplest home DIY projects you will ever take on. Where people often fall down however is when it comes to carefully taking accurate measurements, just one mistake is all it takes to turn the simple into the impossible. The handy guide below is intended to cut out any silly mistakes and help you on your way to roller blind domination!

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The first measurement needed is that of your window opening. If the roller blind is to be fitted to the outside and hang over the entire opening then allow a suitable overhang either side of the window reveals. I’d saypersonalized gifts for him for birthday, when fitting or fixing to the wall face you allow 50mm either side of the opening size and always measure to make sure the distance either side of the window is exactly the same. If fitting the blind inside the window opening, allow about 25mm each side between the edge of the blind and the window reveal.

Most roller blinds allow you to cut them down to size and suggest in the instructions, doing this with a junior hacksaw. However in my opinion, a sharp hobby knife is much more appropriate for the fabric as it leaves a much smoother edge. A junior hacksaw is fine for the roller itself but a clever little trick is to wrap a few turns of masking tape around the area to be cut to prevent the saw slipping.

All roller blinds come with two different end pieces. One end is for the chain or pull chord, the other is a fixed bracket. The instructions for your particular blind will make it clear which one is which. It is always a good idea to fit the brackets to each end of the blind just so you can see, before you drill any holes, where each one sits and how it works.

Push the chain operation unit into the appropriate end of the blind and the non functioning end cap into the other, then measure between them to give yourself an accurate measurement for the width of the fabric. Find the appropriate fixing bracket for the chain end and, using the positioning guidelines a few paragraphs above, mark its position with a pencil.

Drill pilot holes into the pencil marking for the screw and fix the first bracket. Push the blind into this bracket and hold the remaining bracket in position. Mark this position with a pencil.

Drill the pilot holes and fix the last bracket. Fit the blind into the brackets and Bob’s your sister’s cousin’s mum’s brother’s brother!

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