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personalized gifts for him for birthday Luxurious Lounge Curtains With a Contemporary Edge funny cushion covers
Updated: 2019-12-02 21:10

Bar their practical uses, curtains are most frequently seen and most effective in the warmer and more relaxed areas of the home such as bedrooms and living rooms. Their sumptuous, elegant and textured presence helps give these rooms that extra level of luxury and cosiness and also enhances the feeling of height within a space. Contrary to popular belief, however, with clever choice of style and fabric,?curtains can still achieve this warming effect while also being fashionablepersonalized gifts for him for birthday, light and airy for the most contemporary of homes. This article takes you through some simple tips on choosing the most appropriate and stylish curtain for every type of living room and window.

When looking to dress the windows in your living room, the first areas of consideration are size, scale and light. Look at the shape of the window or windows in the lounge. Compare this to the overall size and shape of the room. Do the windows dominate the space, similar to that seen in a Georgian property or are they less opposing, similar to that seen in a garage conversion or small apartment? Furthermore, do these windows allow a lot of light to enter the room or does the room feel somewhat dark and shaded? In very simple terms, if you have large statement windows that allow a lot of light in to the room? then you have more freedom with your choice of curtaining.

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In smaller and darker spaces with more modest sized windows it is advised to keep the curtains simple and bright. Choose neat and clean styles such as eyelet curtains or triple pleat curtains that will easily draw back to allow maximum light into the room. Furthermore, choose a plain yet coordinating fabric to the rest of the room to avoid overcrowding the small window space. Alternatively, why not consider using a roman blind and adding a coordinating swag to soften the finish while maximising the perception of width.

As touched upon, whatever style and situation you find yourself in, it is always important to ensure that your choice of fabric works well with other elements within the room. If on a plain wall, why not add a pattern within your curtaining and repeat the fabric, colours or textures elsewhere in scatter cushions or upholstery?

If on a patterned wall, try and stick to plainer fabrics in matching colours to ensure the design remains clean and concise. Alongside this, do consider the effect a pattern or dark plain will have on the overall mood of the room. To try and avoid overpowering and darkening the space, designing curtains with just a band of elaborate or dark fabric across the top, bottom or leading edge of the curtains is a great compromise.

With sensible and sympathetic choice of style and fabric, any window can act as a charming focal point or backdrop to your living room. As discussed, choose a style and fabric which will enhance the size, scale and positioning of your windows and echo colours and textures already used within your wallpaper, upholstery, scatter cushions, wall art etc.

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