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With the onset of summers, the first and most important part of your house that needs attention is the windows. You need to treat them right to sail through the scorching heat with ease. And since we all end up making some changes in our windows during the summer season it will be worth it if we do it in style and make windows central and focal to the room. For all the changes you make and money you invest in doing-up your windows, you should be able to garner some attention and great compliments. So, if you are planning to host the next house party this summer let’s make-up your windows, so that they steal the show and you don’t get exhausted doing up the dé;cor of the complete house.

Making windows central can be fun and easy with some colorful curtainspersonalized gifts for him for birthday, blinds or simply using motorized rods. Colourful curtains are a great way of keeping the home cool and making it summer-ready. You can either opt for dark or light color curtains, and if you buy light color ones, then do get lining in them otherwise they will fade fast and will let sunlight come into your room making the whole task futile. While, light or pastel color curtains are soothing to the eyes during summers you need to treat them right to enhance their shelve life and maintain the room temperature.

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Likewise, blinds too can be a wonderful addition, especially if you had a curtain for living room during winters and spring season draping your windows. Available in multiple colors and prints, blinds will change the look of your home, keep the sun at bay and maintain the room cool. The best part about blinds is that they are easy to maintain and clean. You can check and get blinds especially for your kitchen and passage windows. It will make cooking chore easy and less tiring, and in case of any spills it will be easy to clean.

But if you are looking at changing the look and feel of your windows all together then go for state-of-the-art motorised curtain rods. Stylish and superior blend of technology, these motorized rods can be the perfect way of making your home ready for summers. You can opt for curtains of your choice with motorized rods, and enjoy luxury and comfort at your fingertips. Don’t get up to adjust the windows, do it while lazing around on your bed and couch with a simple and easy to operate remote. You also get the freedom to open the curtains from left, right or center. So, choose your style and make the most of this innovative technology. If you prefer dual curtains, then simply add two rods and shuffle between the sheer and main curtain, using a small piece of remote.

Opt for this technologically-advanced mechanism and experience luxury and comfort at its best. You can check for a superior range of somfy curtain motors, beat the heat, style-up your home and let your windows speak this summer.

Modernise Your window with Automatic Curtain Rods

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What’s better than paper straws for a birthday party? Flavored straws. Adalyn loves the strawberry flavored straws for her milk. You can find them at the grocery store.

This is the Pale Blue Dot's project for 2015; Trash Trek. This year we are making tote bags and other items out of old Lego League game mats. We also make wallets and iPad cases out of the mats. In this Instructable we will show how to make the tote bag. You will need 1 FLL mat, scissors, and a sewing machine.

Mediterranean interior design style have become popular all over the world due to their rich textures and colors. There are three main countries that make up the inspiration for this look and each has it’s own differences. Spanish style interiors have a Moroccan feel with stucco walls, patterned tiles and wrought iron. The Greek influence comes from the ocean, with crisp aquas, turquoises and deep blues contrasted against white plaster walls.