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Updated: 2019-09-16 08:34

Canvas Corp introduces?a clever new collection of papers that takes adult coloring to a whole new level. ?These vintage art papers are great background papers, designed for individual art pieces to be trimmed out or layer them with other Canvas Corp?papers?and embellishments. ?We think it looks pretty great with 7gypsies too. ?

The Canvas Corp Heirloom Collection is all about capturing the memories of the past and writing them down and then creating something beautiful. ?The neural palette of the collection makes it so?versatile,?allowing you to add color?where you might want it. ?The options?are simply endless. ?So if you have a notebook full of notes of?your ancestors, emails filled with stories and documents or maybe?everything is in your head, now is the?time to start writing it down and?capturing those memories for future generations to read and enjoy. ?This collection?gives you pretty papers and clever tools to help tell your story,?everyone has one!!!!

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Heather Kindt, a member of the Canvas Corp Brands Crew shows us in her “;Practice Art Collage”; just how well this new collection fits in.

This collection is all about paper, but they?had to sneak a Mix and Match Pad in the mix and called it Studio. ?

The Heirloom papers?offering is just the beginning of wonderful things to come and can be divided into a?few?different collections, each with with their own distinct style and function, but together they work magically.

Let’;s begin?with the “;Heritage”; part of the collection. ?This collection begins with a clever approach to?documenting your family tree, past and?present family members (including pets)personalized gifts for him for birthday,?marriages, births and?helping to tell those life stories. ?These papers are broken down into 4″;x6″; cards that each have a very cool vintage vibe, but were each designed to help you tell you story. ? This collection is pint size making it perfect for creating family heirloom journals, adding to 12×;12 heritage layouts, slipping them into a 7gypsies 4×;6 photo crate?where you can add family photos.

Birth Certificate Cards on Ivory –; we are not sure what comes first the chicken or the egg, so we will start with the birth certificate cards that help you capture the birthday of each member of your immediate family or take it a step further and create a mini birth?certificate for each person in the family.

Heirloom Cards on Ivory –; This is just one piece of 12×;12 paper, but it is so very cool. ?It is divided?into 6 different cards that each help document you and your families history. ?We thought we would?break the paper down into its 6 different parts and share a bit?about each one with you. ?

Marriage?Certificate Card –; these cards are designed to capture the marriages of each member of your family and allow you to add those special details. ?You might want to investigate marriages of the past and fill them in or create one for each new marriage in the family. ?

Children Card –; a simple card designed to capture the names of all the children in the?family, two cards might be necessary!!!!

Extended Family Card –; this card was designed to list out aunts, uncles and cousins who are also an important part of the family unit and now there is a card to document those members of the family.

?Pet Card –; many families welcome one or more pets into their home and for many homes there are only furry children.?

Family Tree Card ?–; designed to?start with any member of the family and capture the names, photos and brief info about the parent, grandparents and great-grandparents. ?

Family Story –; as we document all the who’;s, we don’;t want to forget to capture those family stories. ?Write down the stories that are passed along or spend time asking an older loved one to share their story and capture them on these great little cards you can keep forever. ?

Life Story Cards –; this 12×;12 paper comes with a set of 6 identical cards. ?Life Story cards will help you document the lives of each member of your family, their history, what they did, where they have been, where they started. ?The birth certificate gets you started and the family tree places each person where they go, but these special cards bring help tell a story for each family member and document all the details for future generations. ?The back is blank?and ready to hold even more details. ?

There?are many ways to keep track of your story, but one fun way we had to share is slipping them?into this 7gypsies 4×;6 Photo Crate. ?These vintage looking crates?were made to hold 4×;6 photos, file folders and of course these new Heirloom cards fit like a glove. ?

After the family heritage is captured, it is on to daily life or you can use the next part of the collection to document family events, seasons, holiday?and more as you create your family heritage projects. ?The 12×;12 Calendar Months?has a mini card for each of the months with space to write?important events that happened or upcoming events, birthdays and other notes. ?These can be cut into mini calendar days and added to agendas, journals or heritage projects. ?Canvas also offers a wide range of basics and seasonal papers that can be used as backgrounds, but up to create embellishments for your pages or color them in and create projects for each season during the year. ?This was a great way to slip in papers for those random events and holidays such as the Graduation paper, the Stars &; Stripes paper for 4th of July and military pages and the Good Luck paper for St. Patrick’;s Day and those with Irish heritage. ?You will find papers for all the major holidays, new babies and even travel papers that might take you back to where your family began. ?

The Heirloom collection?continues with a beautiful range of vintage art that represents creativity, art and style. ?These?papers are terrific backgrounds for any?heirloom project, vintage craft or add them to a rustic background for an?industrial rustic look. ?

Pen &; Ink on Ivory –; ?features?amazing?vintage pens, pencils, pen tips and inks. ?The?intricate designs of these old pens is?breathtaking. ?Use this paper as a background or cut the individual pieces our to frame your heirloom pages.

Brushes on Ivory –; we are all about adult coloring these days and coloring with a brush we love even more. ?This paper is great for coloring, cutting or making an amazing painted background for layouts, cards, collages or mixed media pieces. ?Cutting?out the individual?brushes gives you an oversized paint brush that looks stamped on ivory paper.

Cameras on Ivory –; captures?some?of the first cameras ever produced and walks you through some of the later models. ?Cameras are ever evolving and the resolution and quality of photos today are amazing, but there is nothing like a vintage photo taken with one of these special cameras. ?

Sewing on Ivory –; back in the day all clothes were handmade. ?Then the sewing machine made life a little easier?and then at some point everyone stopped sewing and started?buying readymade clothes and items. ?We are so glad that sewing is back in favor again and this paper captures where it all began.

Scissors on Ivory –; we are pretty sure that while sewing may have stopped for a bit with most, the art of trimming, fussy cutting and?making did not stop at all,?in fact?some of the old scissors are still in use today?and work better than any new pair of scissors you can buy today.

So we think you are?probably in love with at least one of these new papers by now, we each have our favorite. ?Along with the?papers?there are a few really cool items that are already part of?the Canvas Corp Brands offering that just work really well with the new Heirloom Collection, like these 4×;6 Photographs File Folders. ?Perfect for categorizing, storying and?organizing vintage and brand new photos. ?There is space to write on the outside and on the tab what you will find in each folder. ?Each pack features 3 styles with 2 of each one. ?

The black and ivory printed folders have a unique vintage look, almost as if they were taken from an old photo studio where original photographs might be housed. ?

Use the space on the front, back and inside to write down all you know about the photos in each folder. ?These are also great for filling,?tying with a little ribbon or jute cord and giving the gift of photos both old and new.

7gypsies and Canvas Corp also offers some very fun charms and metal embellishments that fit right in.

If you like the look of?everything distressed and generally reach for your distressing ink, why not try one of?the Tattered Angels Mists. ?It allows you to vintage items in a few different ways.

Vintage Water Distress –; create the look of objects that have come in contact with water over the years with a few simple pumps of the mister. ?These tags were once ivory and painted with Tattered Angels Baseboard Mist –; Cardboard

Hint –; mist them on both sides to help them stay as flat as possible. ?You can top them with something heavy after covering them with paper?towels to help them dry flatter.

You can also puddle your mist onto you mat and drag your object through the mist or capture?with a sponge and apply yourself. ?Grab a paint brush and tint parts of the photo or paper in just the right places.

So if you have a box?full of old photos, an album that needs to have photos removed and restored or photos stored away in a computer, maybe this collection will help you draw them out.?

For all the details visit the collection online- Canvas Corp Heirloom Collection.

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