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personalized gifts for him for birthday New Release – Watercolor Style Tattered Angels Mixed Media Origins Mini Packs personalised birthday gifts
Updated: 2019-09-16 00:23

If you love the Tattered Angels Mixed Media Origins Paper and the Mini Art you are going to absolutely love their newest designs.Let’;s talk about the paper first, printed on the most amazing cotton-like paper, Suede. ?Tattered Angels prints the most amazing art on this paper to create Mixed Media Origins Papers that are available in 12×;12 sheets and also in Mixed Media Origins Mini Art Packs. ?Part of their 2018 AFCI product release, they announced 10 new styles and we think they are the best yet.

The concept behind the Mixed Media Origins paper and packs is to give you a starting place to create your art. ?Some lines, some shading, some background artpersonalized gifts for him for birthday, different fun elements to get your started. ?Think of them as huge stamped pieces of art that you can paint, ink, stamp, stencil, marker, mist, watercolor, etc. ?The ink is permanent and the paper is unique in how it handles the water and is very heavy duty.

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The release includes 10 different themes all with a watercolor feel, that is ideal for the beginning to try their hand at watercoloring or the seasoned watercolor artist who loves to try something new.If you like a more opaque look, use an acrylic paint or darker pigment markers and you can transform the art to any style you desire. ?The art is done in tones of grey to offer you shading, while allowing you to color them in any palette you wish.

Glimmer Mist is a great way to color your art. ?Simply shake and pour into a paint pallet or plate and with a brush paint onto the art your way. ?You can add water to lessen the color. These 3 colors created the perfect coffee cup that looks as good as the brewed coffee would smell, we added a few natural tones to color the coffee beans and and steam.

Stitch the paper to a front of a 6×;6 Journal and create the perfect Coffee Art Journal that is ready to be filled with your creations, ideas from the coffee house or doodles over coffee.

You can add other papers from the collection on the inside pages.We love how great the colored burlap as part of the design.

Take a different approach and paint the art in neutral colors, with little glimmer and your art can be so very different.

The paper is very durable, so sturdy you can sew with it, we know you can sew paper, but this feels and acts a bit like fabric, so it is even more fun to work with when sewing.Add a layer of natural canvas and apply to the Hampton Art 6×;6 white washed Pallet that was tinted with Tattered Angels New Color Wash –; Mimosa Paint. ?This new paint is amazing on wood products and a great companion to the Glimmer Mist and The Mixed Media Origins.

So the coffee pack gets you started with more ideas coming your way. ?We would love to see how you create with the Mixed Media Origins.

Join in our private group the Canvas Corp Brands Collective –; click the link and ask to join today. ?We would love to have you.

We are in love with these new packs, we sure hope you enjoy them as much as we did!

Just a quick summary of what to expect:

Happy Creating!!!




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