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personalized gifts for him for birthday New Textile! Handkerchiefs personalized rustic pillow covers
Updated: 2019-09-09 19:39

At last! Perfectly plain (and not too thin) handkerchiefs! 100% cotton, free from any embellishment, and awaiting your dainty stitches. Most hankies are so whispery thin it's hard to embroider on them. These are soft enough for your facepersonalized gifts for him for birthday, but substantial enough for your stitches! So, summon your inner lady, 'cause you're gonna start carrying hankies around:?

Hm? Wassat? Oh! You want to know about the patterns on the handkerchiefs! Sure. The "s" is from "Epic Alphabet" and the "p" is from "Skinny Letters".

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The other corner designs you see will be part of an upcoming sheet called "Hankie Corners"! So, I better get busy. You better get some hankies!

And, by the time you get these hankies in your hands, I'll have a nice how-to ready for you with tips on stitching these slightly more delicate squares (hint: neat backsides).??



ALPHABET SETS ? Embroidery Patterns

What do you think of aesthetics of bathroom linen? Is this important to you – the interior of your bathroom and those mundane things you use there? Well, it should be :). We spend our most precious moments there – after waking up and preparing ourselves for the new day full of possibilities and beautiful moments and while getting ready to rest after hectic and challenging busy hours. Linen bath towels, all those jars of cosmetics and everyday accessories in a bathroom are those things that say Good morning and Good night to us, so why not to make them nice and beautiful?

?Hello, everyone!

One of our most popular S4H series is our Sewing Cheat Cards. Each card covers an important, need-to-know sewing tip or technique in a handy business card size: 2” wide x 3?” high. That’s small enough to tuck into your wallet or tack up on the bulletin board in your sewing space. All the individual Cheat Cards are still available on the site (simply use the site's Search Box to search on 'Cheat Card'?in general or use any of the specific titles listed below to browse via the Search or through our Project Index), but we’d gotten numerous requests to offer a full set of six. So that’s just what we did. Since this is National Sewing Month, it seemed like the perfect time to remind you of them all. You can download a set for yourself and all your friends instantly from our Sew4HomeShop on Etsy.?