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Updated: 2019-12-03 21:27

Glamorous, personality-packed, and inspired by our beautiful rainforests and the exotic creatures who call it home, Voyager’;s key pattern is a bold blend of foliage and flowers in a vibrant palettepersonalized gifts for him for birthday, where lush greens help tropical colours pop.? Keep your eyes peeled for hummingbirds, toucans, and leopards as you walk through this jungle!

Dunelm’;s Head of Design, Debbie Drake, shares the inspiration behind the trend and her favourite features:??

accent pillow case baby canvas home decor

“;Mankind’s increasing gratitude for all of Earth’;s living things is certainly something to celebrate. It’s now an accepted scientific fact that trees and plants not only keep us alive, they also make us happy. The recent proliferation of greenery seen in public spaces and people’s homes is testament to this renewed appreciation.

The Dunelm design team are all very inspired by nature, so we’ve embraced this trend with great enthusiasm and had a lot of fun with it. Giant banana and monstera leaves form the lush backdrop to our lead pattern which is host to a myriad of colourful exotic species.

We have extended our range of faux plants and added some really large scale statement pieces. These are the perfect solution to any lovers of greenery who don’t yet have the confidence or ability to nurture a real living plant. I am determined to have a go at keeping real houseplants –; although I admit with regret, there has already been one fern fatality in our household. Nevertheless, the faux ones are still proving invaluable for those draughty or dingy corners where real plants would never flourish.

It’;s the bold accent pieces of Voyager which really steal the show – parrots, flamingos and monkeys feature in lighting and home decor, all addressing the latest insight we have gathered that our customers are increasingly looking for multi-functional accents, which are useful as well as decorative.

My absolute favourite things are the fabulous jungle cushions featuring a toucan, jaguar and tiny golden monkey. These delightful accessories will give my recently decorated lounge an additional touch of glamour and fashion for the rest of the year.”;

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We’re just a few weeks away from Baby #3 and since we didn’t find out the sex this time, and I don’t want a gender neutral nursery, I’m planning and designing for both genders and will be ready to place my orders from the hospital bed!This was inspiration for Aniston’s nursery, that I clearly didn’t use. It’s the only inspiration that I still gravitate to. This is very gender neutral, but I envision bunting for a girl and framed maps and a globe for a boy.I like how this bunting is used over the window {from Restoration Hardware Baby & Child}I’m much more realistic when it comes to bedding the third time around. In lieu of the bedskirt {that only works when the crib is at a certain height}, bumper {which is used intermittently} and quilt {which isn’t used until the age of 1}, I’m opting for an inexpensive, but beautiful cable knit stroller blanket that will be monogrammed. I’ll pair it with Pottery Barn Kid’s chamois fitted crib sheet – my favorite!