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personalized gifts for him for birthday “Ticket to Paradise”… Please Save the Date personalized wedding gifts
Updated: 2020-01-17 08:42

I have scoured the Internet for destination wedding ideas ever since I got engaged… oh, who am I kidding? I was searching even before then. Since I scrapbook and craft and love all ideas DIY, I was very focused on the stationary and décor possibilities. Other brides may be obsessed with finding the dress (don’t get me wrong… loved that part too!) but it was not the dress that I dreamed of, but templates and colours and paper types. I am a sucker for themes, and a destination wedding is such a host of possible themes!

The first thing that went out to our potential guests was the save-the-date. Although few of our guests had ever received a save-the-date before, I wanted to send them out to start giving people a “;heads-up”;. Yes, this destination wedding was happeningpersonalized gifts for him for birthday, so start saving your pennies and your days off work! Plus, it was another excuse to craft!

family pillow cover

This was an idea I found from numerous sites, such as bestdestinationweddings.com, and pinterest. I opted to go with a boarding pass save-the-date to keep in our destination theme.

I simply created the page in Word, printed it out on plain white cardstock, cut, and put together with brads.

I then created pass holders in blue, one of our colours.

I used leftover paper to create envelope liners for our plain envelopes (on sale at Staples, no less!)

Since I wanted our guests to book early, I included information about an “early bird” deal on a separate insert that I fashioned to look like a luggage tag.

We also included a little magnet from Vistaprint in some of them; we had a free item coupon we used for those, so they were, well, free! They only went in a few; namely, to family and really close friends.

The whole project cost me $29, including all postage and shipping costs. I did not make too many (35 went out, I think). And again, I had some of the materials (like most of the paper; you can get the same paper packages at Michaels). All in the name of saving money –; use what you have!

I have heard nothing but positive comments about them, and I got many emails and phone calls from people absolutely raving about how impressed people were!

One thing I do want to note: I made ours two pages. I wanted to include one page with our information, and one page with a note about how we would love it if everyone could come, but we totally understand if people were unable to do so. If I had not done this, it would have saved a bit of time (no need to put together with a brad, for example), and a little postage, but we chose to include it because we felt it was important and worth it.

Are you thinking about making save-the-dates?

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