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Updated: 2019-09-11 01:30

I stumbled on an archived?post on Automatism of some pictures of jewelry designer?Ted Muehling‘;s New York City apartment. Blogger Lori had reprinted an article on Muehling’;s apartment that she’;d saved for years, from?Maison Francaise in the late 1990’;s. The place looks as appealing today as it did then (THAT’;S style). In response, a woman named Joanna wrote “;SO beautiful. i’;m downloading these?for the inspiration journal…; xo”;.

The Inspiration Journal. It reminded me of folders I’;ve often kept of clippings from magazines: of spaces I liked, or ideas I wanted to pursue. Seeing pictures can help you bring to life your own ideaspersonalized gifts for him for birthday, as you take the gist, or a kernel, or a detail and run with it. Nowadays, it can be done digitally of course, and kept on a computer or printed out. An Inspiration Journal is a much better way of framing things than a “;bookmark”;.

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There’;s great software available that allows you to organize ideas in the different formats you find them in –; web pages, pdf’;s, jpegs, text –; all together. My favorite is?DevonThink, which allows you to view live archived webpages from within a folder, or color-correct a jpeg.

Lori’;s Muehling post has given me much for an Inspiration Journal for my apartment…;

…;a spare curtain to separate the bedroom

a utilitarian kitchen with shelves full of found things and art:

and his beautiful, utterly simple bookshelves (a separate post to come on those, soon)…;with a folding wooden step stool for reaching high.

For more on Muehling’;s jewelry and work space, check out?Ted Muehling: A Portrait by Don Freeman

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